The Boska webshop is the place for you to buy a cheese curler. With the cheese curler you create thin slices of curled cheese. In the Boska webshop you can find different versions of cheese curlers, like beech wood, white oak and marble. Boska delivers products from own stock so the cheese curlers are always available. Therefore you can enjoy the lovely Tête de Moine cheese very soon.

Possibilities with the cheese curler
The cheese curler is a unique and surprising product. You create nice curles from a small round cheese. The cheese curler is for all kinds of cheese, such as Tête de Moine. This cheese gets really tasty when you curl small slices. The oxygen that gets to the cheese, gives the cheese it´s own characteristic taste. Boska has different kinds of cheese curlers. From beech wood, mahogany, oak wood and marble.

There is also a plastic dome available that fits all models. This allows the cheese stays fresh. In France and Switzerland the cheese curler is called a Girolle. This means cheese curl. The cheese, Tête de Moine, is literally translated the head of a monk. This is due to the appearance of the cheese. Although most people use this product for cheese, it is also suitable for chocolate. This way you can make beautiful chocolate curls, perfect for a dessert.

Boska cheese tools
Boska Holland is a huge brande in Cheesewares. Started as a supplier of hardware since 1896, it now is specialized in cheese related products. Early 2000, a private product development team established. This team it’s only goal is to develop cheesewares that helps you to enjoy cheese. The cheese curler (developed in 2005) is another fine example from Boska helping you to enjoy cheese.

The Cheese curler is the best selling product of Boska and pops up at parties more and more. Surprise your guests when serving the delicious cheese curls.

Besides cheese curlers Boska produces and sells other products for cheese:

Boska Cheese Curler Marble

Boska Cheese Curler Geneva